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If you are interested in freelancing, web pages programming in general and PHP language in details, than you are in the right place. You will find here information how to better use your abilities to make some money (and I really do not mean network marketing, banner clicking or other shit like that) and also some resources which can make this moneymaking easier (see links section). I will share my own freelance experiences (see freelance section).

If, instead, you are seeking someone to design your website or add some dynamic functionality to it (database, remote administration, interactive forms etc.) - then you found one! I will make all necessary work for you, taking care of the project from the beginning to the very end. Later on I will provide service, support and necessary modifications.
More about this in "Hire me" section.
To show you there is more than my words, I invite you to look at my portfolio, where you will find more informations and links to my previous work. There is also my resumé at RentACoder , where you can see what other people say about me and quality of my work . If you wish, you can also easily post a project exclusively for me from there. As I consider RentACoder best freelance site available, I created separate page dedicated exclusively to it; go there and read what are the benefits of using this awesome service.

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