About me

My name is Mirek Skoczek, I am 40 and live in Poland. I have Master's degree in computer science - I graduated in 1990 at the Technical University of Wroclaw, with Software Engineering specialty. From this time I live in Glogow, a small city in the south-west part of Poland.

I started programming Web pages as a freelancer in 2000, when I signed contract with Poland.com company (they were just launching their new portal). The contract was for ASP and MS-SQL server programming, later added using XML/XSL technology. Although the cooperation ended pretty quickly (spring 2001, when the company bankrupted and the portal was taken off), it is hard to overestimate my new experiences and skills I acquired while working for Poland.com. The most valuable one was that remote work (aka telework) is possible and can be a success to both parties.

Later on I discovered service called RentACoder, which opened the whole world behind me. I'm not exagerating - this was the whole world. Suddenly I realised I can work for people in USA, UK, Cyprus and even Thailand.

This is why this page was born; I wanted to share my experiences with other programmers and, on the other hand, attract more customers to me.

My areas of expertise:
  • programming:
    • Web: PHP, ASP
    • Windows: Delphi
    • Unix/Linux: C
  • database design and implementation: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Interbase/Firebird
  • XML/XSL in conjunction with PHP
  • server installation and administration: Linux (Debian, RedHat)
Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring me:
  • knowledge and skills - all topics I put in my "Areas of Expertise" are there because I really know them deeply
  • I have open mind and am eager to learn. No one knows everything, no matter how much he considers himself an expert. I am constantly improving my skills, so that I can work faster and more efficiently for you.
  • responsibility - I know my limitations. I will only bid on your request, if I am sure that I will be able to complete my work in time.
  • quality - I try to make my code bug free and clear. If you ever find a bug in it, just let me know and I'll correct it asap, without any fee.
  • safety - I maintain repository of all my work done, so in case you encounter a disaster I am ready to deliver you backup copy of both source code and executables.

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