Hire me

I'm glad you came at this page, because it means you (at least theoretically) consider hiring me ;). To make your decision easier I'll try to give some info about how, when and for how much it is possible.

What can I do for you

If you already checked the About me page, you probably know what to expect. Main area of my interest is creating web applications. I prefer PHP/Mysql technology, but it is also possible to use ASP/MS-SQL Server (or alternatively MS Access) pair. If you can provide HTML code for your pages - very good, I will use them; if, instead, you want all your site designed from scratch, it is also not a problem - I cooperate with experienced webmaster/graphic designer.

I also create custom software for Windows systems - I'm best in database applications; if you need inexpensive custom program not available in the market, you may give me a try.

Third area is Linux server configuration and administration. The whole work is done remotely, via Internet, using ssh protocol for secure console access. I developed a set of shell scripts allowing automation of common admin tasks, like applying system updates, log rotation, sending daily log reports via e-mail, web stats, security alerts and more. I can also install and configure additional services (Apache web server, ProFTP, Samba, Exim mail server etc.).

How I do it

I am a freelancer and work remotely, however if it is necessary and costs are acceptable to you we can arrange a meeting. For daily communication I use e-mail and MSN Messenger. I am typically available between 8am and 3pm and in the evening after 10pm (Central European Time). While working on a project I try to maintain good contact with you, keeping you informed about work progress by often (sometimes daily) e-mail reports. In some situations which require direct contact you can use phone.

My resources:
  • my car (in case of personal meeting)
  • permanent Internet connection
  • my test server with Apache and PHP4, PHP5, MySQL 4 and 5
  • the final result of my work is a high quality product
  • cost effective - see prices below
  • speed - typical time for medium size application is 2 weeks; I will always give you firm time estimate.
  • stability - the price of my work is arranged before its beginning and will not change (provided you will not change specifications); this price is final and covers all costs. I will never request any money from you before finishing work. You pay only for accepted work.
How to cooperate with me

If you have any questions or doubts (regarding price e.g.), then you are welcome to contact me via e-mail or phone (all contact data in Contact section). If you just want to hire me, you may do so by RentACoder service, click here. To know more about this service, go to my RentACoder section or directly to their help page.


When doing cost estimates, I base it on price per hour of my work, which is now $30. If you hire me for a longer time (bigger project or more hours), we may negotiate the price. I will always give you cost estimate for your acceptance. This cost will not change during the time of the project (even if it would require more work to complete than I thought) provided you will not change project specifications.

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