I tried to put together links to pages which for some reasons are worth seeing or which are dedicated to freelance or telework. If you have any suggestions about adding a new link, please conact me.

Links to freelance sites

Excellent freelance site. They have everything: freelance links directory, articles, news and of course job offers.


Best site with job offers. You just have to see it!


Oldest and best known freelance site. Many large jobs, but you must pay high subscription fees to be allowed to bid on jobs.

Although relatively new, but evolving site. The layout has been improved a bit. Still not a big traffic. From their mission: "You can find expert freelance programmers and designers at the prices you want to pay." Projects posted for free.

First Polish freelance auction site I know of! Very new but (I hope) promising. I wish good luck to all people at

Links to other sites
Virtual Bookstore (Polish only)

Old (and not so old) and good books available here.

German language translations (Polish and German)

Arek Kasza, German technical texts translator.

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