Here are a few samples of my previous work; unfortunately I couldn't place here all that deserve it. Some projects were never launched (due to customer bankruptcy), others were made not for end users, but for reseller companies, which reserved all rights to source code in the agreement.
I still hope even these few will be enough to convince you I am right person for your job.

Virtual Bookshop   (link - Polish)

Virtual Bookshop is one of my first works. Made together with Arek Kasza (author of layout and graphics) in PHP technology with MySQL database. Additionally I use XSL templates when sending newsletter for making two result documents (one in HTML format, and one plain text) from the same data set.
Features worth focusing:

  • search engine (searching by title or author)
  • dynamic image handling (all images are stored in the database)

Dürkopp Adler Poland   (link - Polish)

Website of Dürkopp Adler Poland company, the distributor of industrial sewing machines. As usual, the layout and graphics were designed by Arek Kasza. The pages were made in PHP technology.
Features worth focusing:

  • form handling (data verification)
  • request for offer system (based on session mechanism; the cart is stored on the server side without using the database)

Hotel reservation system   (link)*

* unfortunately I can't give here the original link, because the pages are password-protected. I put demo version on my server.
To login you need to enter the following data:
  • login - mirek
  • password - test

Made specially for some Italian family owning pensions network; they wanted handy reservation system for their resellers (tourist offices). The main assumption was ease of use and no need for installing any special client software.
So the system was created (in PHP with MySQL database) which can be run in every web browser.
Especially for this system I redesigned my PHP template processor, to make it fast enough to process complicated templates in a short time.
Features worth focusing:

  • graphical data presentation for easy viewing
  • check and verification procedures to exclude the possibility of duplicate reservations
  • using advanced MySQL locking functions to protect the tables during data write

CyprusMail   (link)

Internet version of Cyprus newspaper CyprusMail. The order was for creating main page and sections (current issue), article archive with search and browse option (search by keywords or date), administration panel for data input and fast archive input system for quick entering 5 years of archive articles into database.
The pages are made in PHP technology with MySQL, using PHP template processor.
Parts of HTML layout were designed by Arek Kasza.
Features worth focusing:

  • keyword indexing system, made especially for this project. Enables searching articles by keywords and sorting results by relevance.
  • dynamic image handling (with thumbnails generation)

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